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Cultural Festivals

There are many events that could be made or held so that culture could be known. They come in a small group or large ones in one place or in one country where people could travel to attend them. Many people organize cultural events of many kinds so that all people who want to attend them can do it. Around the world, there are many cultural festivals that are celebrated. Let us know some of those festivals that seem strange to others.

Monkey Buffet. This festival is held in the country of Thailand where they put all delicious and various kinds of fruits so that monkeys could eat as much as they want. This is because they put in high regard the monkeys like their gods.

Sandfest, Texas. The event is a competition of sand sculptures. Attendees include adults and children that want to showcase what they have practiced and learned in sculpting.

San Fermin Festival, Spain. This festival feature bulls running in the streets being led by men who are also running.

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer, India. In this festival, they have different events like camel tug-of-war, camel racing, turban tying and other events that draw larger audience every year it is held. Food is also one of the attractions as many street vendors are there.

Mardi Gras, Louisiana. This festival is already widely known and every year the attendees increase as many people are interested in joining the different activities in the festival. There are more festivals that would be featured in this website.

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