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Longboarding is not that much different than riding shorter wheeled platforms like skateboards.

These longer “surfboards” are built with longer decks on larger suspensions which mount pairs of wider-diameter wheels. Riding a longboard is just as much fun as riding a skateboard in its own way. Like skateboard, it typically involves similar speed and freeriding moves at times combined with slides and slaloms.

So here are a few things you need to know to get rolling in this sport.


First figure out what you want in your board. Maybe you just want ride along urban sidewalks and tracks to get from A to B. Or it could be you’re looking to do some tricks with like-minded friends at a skating park. Or perhaps, you’re just testing what’s available, hoping to figure out which combos of decks and parts can get you rolling fastest and smoothest down some long stretch of straight road or track. Check out the best longboard brands at Recreation Space to help you find your best longboard.

It’s your call and your pick, but you need to know what’s what to choose well.

  • Various sizes and designs have similarly varied pros and cons for their features.
  • The shorter-length models tend to have greater agility in turns but also lesser stability on straight and long runs.
  • Conversely, the stretched platforms or decks of longer models trade stability for agility in their performance characteristics.
  • Those new to any kind of wheeled surfboard would do best to start with longer models which feature general-purpose trucks and wheels.

Protect yourself in the event of falls. When you’re just starting out you’ll likely take more falls than you might expect. So you should have at least have a helmet on at all times while training. It won’t hurt (more) to wear pads on your knees and elbows as well, especially if you’re planning to try the more extreme moves you see veterans doing. (more…)

In case you will need to escape a city where everything has fallen and become dangerous, you will need to learn how to survive off the land.

Be sensitive to climate change because since you are living solo and in a solitary place, you must be more aware if a storm is coming so you can prepare.

You must know how to raise your own livestock because it will be your main source of food. Living off the land will not give you access to groceries or wet markets where you can buy your food. You can also sell your produce as your source of income since you cannot go back to where you used to live. (more…)

It’s easy to buy a camera and learn all its features, but there are tips and tricks you can do use it more effectively because this will help your hunting a lot. Trail cameras let you see the animal’s movements and motion so you can observe them and plan your hunting spot and moves. There are ways on how you can set-up your trail camera for more effective use.

Play with your camera first

You can test the camera in your living room and then go to your backyard and use it for a bit. Try walking back and forth in front of the camera from different ranges to check how it will affect the quality of the image from different ranges. You can put the camera a little above your belt to practice aiming at a deer.

Setting up

Set the camera 5 to 10 feet away from the target area on a stout tree to keep it sturdy about waist high. A good and solid background will provide a better frame for the photos and try to avoid back drops that are limby because they will cause the antlers to look obscure. It is important to clear the camera with a brush to prevent it from getting a false trigger. The sun comes from the north so face the camera towards that direction to avoid the sun’s glare. A location identifier must be placed in the target area and avoid spots where there is a lot of fog. Do not set up your camera on stand sites because it will alert deer and then check the operation for acquiring the target. (more…)

This is a question that most people ask themselves because they don’t think that they should take hunting trips seriously. When you are packing for your hunting trip, of course you have your hunting gear with you, clothes, food, etc. and of course you need something to use for hunting.

Why a hunting knife and not any other knife?

Knives are not made the same way and you might be thinking that you can just bring a survival knife or a utility knife, but not bringing a hunting knife with you will only spoil the purpose of going hunting. It is important that you have a good hunting knife to use because a survival knife and a utility knife are not primarily for hunting alone. The blade of a hunting knife is different from what other knives have and this is important for cutting through animal skin and skinning them.


You cannot hunt properly without a good hunting knife. Imagine if you had to cut the meat of a deer and you will use your utility knife or survival knife for it. First of all, survival knives usually don’t come with a double-sharp edge unlike hunting knives. Some hunting knives have a gut-hook which is perfect for slicing meat. The survival and utility knife both don’t have that because they’re not built for cutting through tough animal meat. (more…)

Rock climbing is a great way to practice your muscles, strength, endurance, and it can teach you a lot of new skills that you never thought you’d be able to acquire. Those who try rock climbing for the first time easily fall in love with the thrill and excitement it gives them.

When you ask those who are addicted to it, they will tell you that it’s more of the adrenaline rush and learning to face their fears are only 2 of the things that make them want to keep doing it. When you see the really extreme ones, you will easily get impressed, but before you reach that point, you need to know some things that will help you become a better climber. (more…)

Before choosing a tent, ask yourself a few simple questions. Where, under what weather conditions and how often will you use your tent? How many people will it have to accommodate? What weight are you ready to transport?


In this article, we do not try to tell readers what is the best family tent. We just focus on a sturdy tent that light, cheap and give standard comfort.

Three-season Tents:

These tents are designed to withstand extreme conditions less than tents four seasons. They are made of light fabrics and poles are lighter or less than 4 seasons tent.

Four seasons Tents: More expensive, these tents are designed to withstand the rigors of winter. They will effectively protect your family with robust fabrics, and it is resistant with more hoops to double down on roofs to the ground, reinforced stress points and many anchor points. However, they are less ventilated and heavier than three seasons tents.

Single Wall Tents: This kind of tent makes a fabric breathable and incredibly resistant to weather. These tents are compact and easy to install. As they are not equipped with a double roof, they have the lightness of a tent bag. However, they are not suitable for hot and humid weather.


The interior of a tent also be considered because, you could be confined for a few days because of bad weather.

Freestanding tents: As their name suggests, freestanding tents have the ability to stand alone. It is even possible to clean by lifting and shaking them to remove the dirt. Free standing tents generally have more poles than the tunnel tents. They therefore constitute a more solid and stiffer shelter, but also much heavier.

Tunnel Tents: Featuring long floor, tunnel tents consist of a series of arches placed in row. Light and flexible, they are often less bulky and heavy than freestanding models.

The steep walls have the advantage of increasing the interior space of the tent and evacuate the rain by their angle, they nevertheless impede the wind.


The vestibule enlarges the usable space under the double roof but outside the passenger compartment. It is ideal to store muddy boots and wet gear before entering the tent. A vestibule arch increases the weight of the tent, but offers more storage space and protection

The shackle ducts system disperses the voltage over a larger surface and creates less tension on the fabric that the plastic hooks and it is easier to use with gloves or mittens

The plastic hooks system allows better ventilation. Plastic hooks can be difficult to handle with gloves or mittens and they are likely to freeze and break at very low temperatures

Ventilation louvers promote air circulation

A suspended range-all in the tent can store a headlamp or sunglasses


Mutha Hubba NX 3-person backpacking tent


If you are planning to go on a vacation by an air plane and want to take your electric scooter with you then there are certain important points that you should follow.

It is always good to follow these important instructions so that you won’t face any difficulty during air travel. One of the biggest causes of concern raised by air travelers is long security lines. Though it has been done to keep people safe but still it feels quite hectic to stand in these long queues.

foldable electric scooter for adult

One of the most important things to keep in mind is make sure that advance reservations are made. It should be done as early as possible because last minute arrangements and plans can go haywire. Hence, before the actual departure date get in touch with the airline authorities and finalize everything well in advance. You should also read about the dates on the airline website so that you won’t face any difficulty at the later stage.

When you are going to make the reservation, you need to tell the operator about the things you are going to carry along with you. You need to tell that you will be carrying an electric scooter with you. There are several airlines which will allow you to carry your e–scooter with you and some of them will ask you to detach the battery and travel. Every airline has its own unique policy and procedure and hence, you must follow all the rules and regulations for a smooth travel.

Take for example:

if you are not able to walk to the boarding gate then you will have to let the airline authorities know in advance so that wheelchair arrangements can be made. They will also make arrangements for carrying your fast electric scooter. You will also have to ask about the aisle seats with arm rests that can be lifted. Not every plane has these arrangements and hence make sure to enquire everything in advance. The most ideal scenario is to call and confirm with the airline authorities at least 72 hours in advance.

When you have your electric scooter with you while going to the airport then make sure to reach at least 3 hours in advance on your departure date. There are many formalities which need to be fulfilled so that you are allowed to travel in a smooth manner. Declare everything at the boarding counter so that necessary arrangements can be made.

These best electric scooters for adults have bigger batteries attached to them and hence, make sure to disconnect the batteries while travelling. (more…)

As mountain biking is starting to gain its fame yet again, there are a lot of individuals who want to try this activity out for the first time. Of course the most important thing that you do as a beginner is to learn how to choose the right bike to buy. As simple as it may seem there are a lot of factors that you need to consider on buying the right bike for you to use. You need to buy a bike that will be easy for you to handle since you will just trying out a new terrain for the first time. You should research to know what are the best mountain bikes under 1000, they are good fit for you, or you can read it here.

Where do you begin?

The most important thing that you need to know is your budget. In determining your budget you need to ask yourself these questions first:

  • How much money you are willing to spend on this project?
  • How often are you going out riding your bike?
  • Where are you planning on taking your bike?

For a bike enthusiast buying their ultimate ride no matter how much it cost is very important. But for a beginner such as yourself you can start wisely on your first bike, you can read more about the best entry level mountain bike. Don’t go for the cheapest because it will most likely be broken in a few years and replacing parts is next to impossible. The wise thing to do is look for the kind of bike where it has different parts available in the market or it’s compatible with almost all branded bike parts. This way you can slowly upgrade your ride at your own pace. As you get better in your biking style you can also decide to find better parts for your ride and it will be possible without having to buy a whole new set. (more…)

Photography is not for everyone and it takes a person’s intense passion to keep on going. Nowadays, more people are doing photography and it seems that even those who never considered doing this before are becoming enthusiastic about it. Other people don’t know what to do whenever they feel discouraged or exhausted to continue photography.

Here are some tips on how you can maintain the kind of drive you have: (more…)

It is very adventurous the hit through the trails when you are on the bike and it sounds good too. For eco lovers this great way to possess pleasure. You can get more information by reading several other articles. Many bikers who ride through mountain do not take it only as sports but also they look it as a lifestyle as they are branded for the adventure purpose.


There are different reasons that are important to know and are helpful to make this mountain biking adventurous

  • No other vehicle around during mountain biking:

It seems great to just imagine that when you are going through the mountain on your bike you will be facing no other vehicle around you and not even any sound of rickshaw will be heard. You may also not hear any voice of the city that may distract you and you can also make yourself feel that you are ambassador to biking through the mountain.

  • Hormone adrenaline:

Mountain biking is an excellent exercise that helps to increase adrenaline in you. At every corner and inch you will feel chill and thrilling of the climb. You may also defeat the limits made by you.

  • Different lessons of self containment:

This is very easy to make you learn about the balance that is the most important thing one should have during biking through the mountain. After that the other thing is the force and the speed applied. You may learn more things that may help you to work as a mechanic of your own bicycle. You may prove to be the best source as a bike engineer for your bike. (see schwinn protocol 1.0)

  • Difference in looking things with confidence and positive attitude:

This activity increases your will power and strength to achieve the best thing in your life. You may make decision easily with this activity. This will be helpful in instilling great new life in you where you may fall but get the potential to stand again when ever required. (more…)